Executive Director Dr. Vincent Shaw


Professional Summary:

Dr. Vincent Shaw is an Executive Director of HISP-SA and HISP-Namibia, and in this role he is helping to develop the HISP teams to support information systems development in South Africa, Namibia, South Sudan, DRC, Botswana, and Nigeria. He works closely with the HISP-India team, and also with the University of Oslo, where he is appointed as an Associate Professor. He trained as a specialist family physician, but has always had an interest in information systems. While working in the rural areas of the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa he was a member of the team that revamped the health information system for primary health care services during the post-apartheid era. Subsequently, these experiences informed the redesign of the South African PHC information system. As Acting Director for Hospital Services in the Eastern Cape, he became involved in the redesign of the paper-based hospital information systems for the Eastern Cape Hospitals, and this work formed the basis of his PhD through the University of Oslo on the technical and socio-demographic factors that contribute to successful hospital information systems in developing countries. In recent years his interest has shifted towards exploring approaches to implementing patient based information systems in resource constrained settings in such a way that they do not overburden health care providers yet provide useful information to managers.