Welcome to our Links page!

Below is a quick-jump list of all the web-based DHIS systems we currently host on behalf of some of our customers/clients, as well as DHIS systems we support or are actively involved in.

Each instance usually has a LIVE, a STAGING and a TRAINING version – you get to the LIVE using the link below, but to access the STAGING or TRAINING instance, just add a “/staging” or “/training” suffix to the web address.  For example, the South African National DHIS LIVE instance is http://za.dhis.dhmis.org, and the staging is http://za.dhis.dhmis.org/staging.

If your organisation’s website or similar related material is not listed here, and you work with us (or we work with you!) and you would like it to be listed/added to this page, drop us a line using any of the details on the Contacts page, and we’d be happy to add it!

 Useful Links

​Measurement and Accountability for Health Summit
​Roadmap Measurement and Accountability for Health
​Measure Evaluation
​WHO Global Health Observatory
​Service Availability and Readiness Assessment (SARA)
​WHO Resources on Health Statistics and Information Systems
CDC Global Health Security Agenda http://www.cdc.gov/globalhealth/security/
​PEPFAR DATIM Dashboards
​UNICEF Country Statistics
​National Data Dictionary South Africa
​National Data Dictionary Namibia
​Routine Health Information Network Resource Library
National OwnCloud
South African National Department of Health
School Health Data
Project Module
South Africa WISN Data http://wisn.dhis.dhmis.org
Namibia WBCG http://wbcg.dhis.hisp.org
Community Services http://health.icsponline.dhis.dhmis.org
NDoH Testing http://proto.dhis.dhmis.org
Webdav https://webdav.dhmis.org
Nhird Dev http://ndohstaging.dhis.dhmis.org/220
Compliments and Complaints http://cac.dhis.dhmis.org
NDoH Repository (Nhird, support, owncloud, HPRS) http://hissupport.dhmis.org
Hospital (midnight census): hospitals.dhis.hisp.org
National Tertiary Service Grant http://ntsg.dhis.dhmis.org
Management Sciences for Health http://msh.dhis.hisp.org
LACT (SAP) http://sap.dhis.hisp.org
Ward Based Outreach Team http://wbot.dhis.hisp.org
Management and Leadership Learning Programmes http://lihp.dhis.hisp.org
Gambia – Global Health Security Project https://ghsp.hisp.org
NDOH Waiting Time Survey https://wts.dhis.dhmis.org

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