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DHIS2 Level 2 Maps Academy

Delivery:    Facilitated/ instructor-led eLearning

Description:    Maps are important tools in healthcare delivery. The availability of user-friendly Geographical Information Systems (GIS) with a range of analytic health related data sets, provides a powerful tool for analysis, accessibility and display of data for decision making and planning. 

The DHIS2 Maps App offers a range of ways to visualise big data. With the Maps App you can overlay multiple layers and choose among different basemaps. You can create thematic maps of areas and points, view facilities based on classifications, and visualize catchment areas for each facility. You can add labels to areas and points, and search and filter using various criteria. 

To learn more about mapping of big data, joins us at the upcoming DHIS2 Level 2 Maps Academy. 

Learning Objectives 

    1. Demonstrate understanding and use of latest map features including thematic maps. 
    2. Understand the core data and population layers in DHIS2. 
    3. Produce maps for immunization campaigns and disease surveillance (Implementation track) 
    4. Develop plan for disseminating, training, and use of maps (Implementation track) 
    5. Produce maps in QGIS (technical track) 
    6. Connect to google earth engine (technical track) 
    7. Print large maps for facilities (technical track) 
    8. Dissemination of knowledge, including this Maps Academy, using the Moodle platform. 

Platform:    Protea Hotel, Cape Town, South Africa

Target Participants:    As this is a Level 2 DHIS2 academy, it is expected that participants have skill in using DHIS2 analytics processes as a basic. If this is your first time working with DHIS2, you are not a suitable candidate. 

Who this Academy is targeting 

  1. Registration by country team 
    • 3-5 participants from each country including EPI and/or disease surveillance leads, HMIS leads, and system admin/developer. 

2. Participants from NGO or development agencies. 

Scheduled training:    8-12 May 2023

Duration:    5 days

Free/Invite/Payment required:    Payment required( Registration and more information available on this link: )