Your best life is our purpose

Our complete solutions for digital health assist in making informed choices about health.

Board meeting, Cape Town, 2021

Our Vision

To develop and implement sustainable and integrated health information systems that empower communities, health workers and decision makers to improve the coverage, quality and efficiency of health services.

Our Mission

We partner with ministries of health, universities, NGOs and private companies to support integration of information systems through open standards and data exchange mechanisms. We adopt a free and open-source philosophy of sharing our products such as training materials and software solutions. We promote access to, and use of, information for action. 


From social activitists to social entrepreneurs

From humble beginnings in the Western Cape developing and piloting the District Health Information System (DHIS) – a computerised system for managing routine health information – in primary health care (PHC) facilities to a future of seemingly impossible innovations. Today our solutions support countries plan better health ecosystems.


Connect, Collaborate, Engage

Involve end-users and stakeholders through every phase of development

Build multi-sector partnerships to design the best solutions

Openly share our innovations and experiences with the industry and market


Many minds, one voice

Jerusalem Dance challenge with colleagues from the African Union


We believe in having fun

Because teams who have fun, innovate. And when we innovate, we can change the world!