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Data Management & Analytics

Manage and analyze data with charts, graphs, maps, and dashboards


Mobile Data Entry

Online and offline data capture with the DHIS2 Android App


Metadata Packages

Templated DHIS2 configurations based on global standards


Integration & Interoperability

Integrating DHIS2 with other tools and systems


Individual Data

Using Tracker for individual-level / case-based data


Customizable Platform

Promoting adaptation and innovation with open-source technology



Protecting the security and privacy of your data


Software Roadmap

Explore features and fixes in upcoming DHIS2 software releases

Projects where this product is being used:

Routine Health Information Systems in the SA Ministry of Health for the following broad use cases: SHIS and CDC 2123

  • Routine NIDS reporting from Health Facilities in all 9 Provinces and the National level
  • ART quarterly reporting imports from TIER.Net
  • School Health reporting
  • RIPDA with a link to the info which Jenni provides on RIPDA
  • National Quarterly Performance Reporting (NQPR) to Treasury
  • NDD as a Data dictionary for NIDS and ICD10 coding

DHIS2 use for the HR domain specific customisations of DHIS2

  • ICSP (Khuphukani closed and NDOH)
  • HRIS data warehouse

DHIS2 tracker for specific patient information use cases in South Africa

  • MomConnect (Khuphukani closed)
  • Malaria Information System (CHAI closed, now SHIS SLA)

Zambia Ministry of Health

  • Routine reporting from Health Facilities for defined dataset (check with Ronelle/Bheki if they have a specific name for this) – E4H project
  • Malaria reporting based on tracker data (E4H project)
  • eIDSR (Zambia eIDSR project under UiO)

Lesotho Ministry of Health

  • COVID vaccination system DHIS2 tracker
  • Support for their Routine Aggregated DHIS2 (UiO and soon WHO as well and GF HISP Hubs as well)
  • eIDSR and EMS (UiO ACDC)

Namibia Ministry of Health

  • COVID vaccination system DHIS2 tracker
  • Support for their Routine Aggregated DHIS2 (soon GF HISP Hubs)
  • Support for converting from ICD10-ICD11 coding for discharge summaries in Event capture

Uganda Ministry of Health

  • EMS

Africa CDC

  • EMS
  • Saving Lives and Livelihoods