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Malaria Information Mediator

Features & Benefits

The purpose of the interoperability solution developed for this CHAI funded project was designed to facilitate the seamless real-time syncing of cases between the NICD NMC system as well as the MIS (Malaria Information System).

The mediator solution developed has the following features:

  • The ability to fetch from and push malaria case data to the NICD NMC system
  • The ability to fetch from and push malaria case data to the MIS system (DHIS2)
  • Mapping of malaria cases from one format to the other between the NMC system and the MIS system based on set business rules and mapping look-ups.
  • A Parking Lot manager, which is a temporary storage area of malaria cases that were not successfully synced. Parked cases can be re-synced when errors are resolved by an approved user.
  • Daily scheduled syncing of cases, e.g through once-a-day scheduling or interval-based scheduling (e.g syncing after every 3 hours).
  • Automated (opt-in) email notifications

Projects where this product is being used:

This solution was primarily built for the Malaria Information Mediator project, which aims to facilitate smooth syncing of cases between the National Institute of Communicable Diseases’ Malaria surveillance program and the National Malaria Information program supported by CHAI (Clinton Health Access Initiative).