Managing the health workforce in one facility is challenging enough. Now, imagine the mammoth task that the National Department of Health (NDoH) has in managing the healthcare workforce across the entire country. This is especially challenging in times of COVID-19 when our workforce is becoming sick and others need to be deployed in areas of need. Fortunately, the creative minds at HISP had been thinking about this even before COVID-19 and have worked closely with NDoH and partners like CDC, to develop a Human Resources for Health (HRH) Registry and Data warehouse. This collates information across various transactional systems and data sources that carry pieces of health workforce data to create a complete record of a health worker. The inventive architecture makes use of an Open Health Information Exchange for various data sources (HPCSA, PERSAL, SAPC, SANC) to parse data into a HAPI FHIR Registry that stores person-centric data. This data is then aggregated into a PostgreSQL data warehouse for reporting. DHIS2 and a custom analytics portal visualises data in various ways to report on health workforce data, support informed decision-making and ultimately contributes to improving clinical care and health system strengthening. Achievements
  • More than 70 000 public healthcare worker records stored on the HRH registry