Server Hosting

Effortless DHIS administration encompassing stability, security, and performance. Trust your DHIS2 (and several other health applications) in the hands of the HISP SA hosting team. Our services include comprehensive, scalable, cloud-based hosting under full management.

Why Host with HISP SA

Our team of dedicated experts is readily available to provide personalized assistance, ensuring that your hosting experience exceeds all anticipations. Through our state-of-the-art platform, organizations gain the capability to efficiently and precisely collect, analyze, and visualize their data. Our dependable and secure hosting offering facilitates the seamless deployment of DHIS2 for the management of health programs, education projects, disaster response operations, and beyond.

Take advantage of our resilient infrastructure, performance optimization, and adept support, enabling you to concentrate on your core priorities.

What we offer

We’ve designed our Software as a Service(SaaS) solutions with the specific goal of furnishing African public stakeholders with an extensive array of options. Explore the comprehensive range of offerings we provide.


ModelUnified (VM)Dedicated (VMs)Dedicated (VMs)Dedicated (Baremetal)Dedicated (Custom)
Web Server6GB RAM, 4-core12GB RAM, 6-core20GB RAM, 8-core2 x 20GB RAM, 12-coreCustom Number x 20GB RAM, 12-core, scalable
Db Server12GB RAM, 4-core (dedicated)32GB RAM, 8-core (dedicated)128GB RAM, 48-core (shared)128GB, 48-core (dedicated)Up to 254 GB, 48-Core (dedicated)
Drive Space50GB200GB500GB2TBUp to 4TB SSD
Monthly (ZAR)R3,000.00R6,000.00R12,000.00R26,000.00
Monthly(USD)$160.00$320.00$630.00$1,360.00Price On Request
Disaster RecoveryNoNoYesYesYes
UpgradesNoYes, 1 AnnuallyYes, 1 AnnuallyYes, up to 2 AnnuallyYes
URL/, SSL (OpenSSL), SSL (OpenSSL), SSL (OpenSSL)custom domain, SSL*custom domain, SSL*
**SupportNoYes, up to 5 h/month O/HYes, up to 15 h/month O/HYes, up to 50 h/month O/HOptional
Data MxOptional (extra)Optional (extra)Optional (extra)Yes, up to 8 h/month O/HOptional
Add-OnsNoneNoneNoneLoad Balancer (nginx)Optional


Terms and Conditions

All prices subject to 10% annual escalation to cover inflation.  Prices quoted in non-ZAR rates subject to change/fluctuation due to exchange rates.

System and data security for/via the front end is the Customer’s responsibility; HISP will provide a secure, reliable hosting environment and take all reasonable precautions to ensure and protect the server environments only.  This includes the implementation of Change Control and access restrictions and may include the limitation of Customer’s access to the hosted environment back-end.


Support is defined as: Technical assistance with issues unrelated to:
database content, front-end operations and/or any performance problems relative to the chosen tier/plan.


Performance of systems is tied to the tier/spec of the system; HISP will ensure that all systems perform at optimal levels for the tier chosen, however if the needs of the customer exceed the specification capability, any resultant performance issues are not HISP’s responsibility, and any associated costs are for the Customer’s account.