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Daily Data Capture (DDC) for Facilities

Delivery:                                            Facilitated/ instructor-led eLearning

Description:                                     The National Department of Health (NDoH) has implemented Daily Data Capturing (DDC) as a strategy to improve data quality following poor audit outcomes in 2012. The rationale for this is that DDC allows for direct capturing of data from the source register into webDHIS, thus avoiding the collation of data onto a monthly summary form.

Training on Daily Data Capture, enabling users to capture data on a daily basis. Users are shown how to capture and monitor various daily data related datasets on a regular basis.

Platform:                                          On the Moodle  & on 5X Zoom

Target Participants:                      Facility manager, data capturer and clinician

Scheduled training:                       3rd May 2022

Duration:                                          3-weeks

Free/Invite/Payment required:  Invited