Strengthening Health Information Systems (SHIS) in South Africa



SA National Department of Health

Project focus: Strengthen the South African national health information system for improved programming and service delivery. Our partnership with the South African National Department of Health is helping to build an integrated national health information system and ensure the Government has access to the best data to inform planning and implementation of health programmes.

Working closely with the Department of Health we successfully transitioned to the DHIS2 at the national level as the national routine health information system. This transition supports the collection, aggregation, analysis and use of district health information to achieve a health information system that delivers timely, quality data from the entire public health system.

We also support the continuing evolution of health information system software and products such as the National Data Dictionary, the WHO data quality tool, and development and updating of the national indicator data set, etc. And we have developed information management and reporting systems for the National Health Council and various national health programs to support performance monitoring and the provision of quality program data.

To help improve the quality and use of data, we provide technical expertise and capacity building to strengthen data quality, use and demand, including developing customised data and pivot dashboards and training and mentoring national level program managers to create their own dashboards and pivot tables and use data for improved program implementation.


  • We have made significant strides towards ensuring a more robust, and more integrated national health information system for South Africa.
  • We have supported the ongoing development and implementation of the District Health Management Information Systems policy and standard operating procedures.
  • We strengthened the capacity of national health program and information management staff in health information management.
  • We have helped to improve the quality of the health data by building in validation rules and the WHO data quality tool into the national DHIS2 system, and by training health staff in data quality improvement.
  • We supported the revision and adoption of the national indicator data sets into the DHIS2, developing customized data and pivot dashboards to mentoring staff to create and use the dashboards in their routine programme monitoring and planning.
  • · We developed an information management and reporting systems for the National Health Council to help monitor and record decision.

Posted on

June 17, 2021