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WebDHIS Foundation v 2.40 

This meticulously crafted program is poised to provide profound insights into the utilization of webDHIS, encompassing an in-depth review of its tools and data quality processes. 


Upon completing this course, you will have achieved the following objectives: 

  1. Mastery in navigating the webDHIS database and grasping pivotal concepts
  2. Proficiency in data capture, data dimensions, and adept utilization of reporting tools 
  3. Discernment in evaluating data quality tools integrated within webDHIS 
  4. Competence in designing dynamic pivot tables and charts to extrapolate comprehensive reports 
  5. Adeptness in harnessing the potential of dashboards and employing effective data-driven messaging


  • 11modules 
  • A manual. 
  • Access to Training App Tutorials. 
  • Exercises with access to the HISPland training database. 
  • Introductory Teams recording 


    Self-paced over 5 weeks 

    Free/Invite/Payment required: Free