Intro to DHIS2 Maps


October 31, 2023    
12:00 am

Intro to DHIS2 Maps

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Embark on a Journey into DHIS2 Maps:

An Introduction
Distinguished participants, We extend a warm invitation to join a transformative educational endeavor – the “Intro to DHIS2 Maps” course.
COURSE OVERVIEW. Building upon the foundation laid by the webDHIS Foundation course, this program is meticulously designed to introduce you to the captivating realm of the Maps App within webDHIS. This course is dedicated to fostering a profound understanding of map creation while acquainting you with diverse tools and fundamental concepts.


Completion of WebDHIS Foundation Course Upon successful completion of the WebDHIS Foundation Course, a new horizon awaits you. Simply follow the link provided to seamlessly transition into this course and explore the vast possibilities within DHIS2 Maps. CURRICULUM HIGHLIGHTS Under the guidance of experts, you will:
• Gain insight into Geographic Information Systems (GIS) concepts
• Navigate the intricacies of the Maps App interface
• Develop proficiency in crafting thematic, Bubble, and Split maps
• Grasp the concept of layers, engage in practical measurement, and explore open data tables
• Employ a range of techniques to dissect and analyze data within the realm of maps

• Date: [on completion of webDHIS Foundation course ] – [31 October]
• Registration: An enrolment link to the course after completion of webHIS Foundation.
• Location: Online platform; accessible globally
• Format: Self-paced, building on your convenience
• Prerequisite: Successful completion of the WebDHIS Foundation Course
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