August 30, 2023    
2:30 pm

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webDHIS foundation v2.38

Explore the Possibilities with webDHIS Foundation v2.38! 🌟

Esteemed participants, We cordially invite you to partake in an exceptional opportunity – the webDHIS Foundation v2.38 course.

COURSE OVERVIEW. This meticulously crafted program is poised to provide profound insights into the utilization of webDHIS, encompassing an in-depth review of its tools and data quality processes.

COMPREHENSIVE RESOURCES Prepare to be enriched with a curated collection of educational materials:

  •  Exhaustive manual for comprehensive understanding
  • Engaging video modules elucidating intricate concepts
  • Practical exercises facilitated by access to the HISPland training database
  •  An informative introductory Zoom recording at your convenience

LEARNING OBJECTIVES Upon completing this course, you will have achieved the following objectives:

  • Mastery in navigating the webDHIS database and grasping pivotal concepts
  • Proficiency in data capture, data dimensions, and adept utilization of reporting tools
  • Discernment in evaluating data quality tools integrated within webDHIS
  • Competence in designing dynamic pivot tables and charts to extrapolate comprehensive reports
  • Adeptness in harnessing the potential of dashboards and employing effective data-driven messaging

Seize this golden opportunity to elevate your data management acumen and ascend to the zenith of webDHIS proficiency. Join us in this enriching odyssey towards data enlightenment.


  • Date: (30th Aug] – [27th Sep]
  • Registration: from Thurs 24th August to Mon midnight 28th August
  • Location: Online platform; accessible globally
  • Format: Self-paced, with flexible access to resources
  • Investment: Your commitment to knowledge acquisition and advancement

Empower yourself through knowledge. Unleash the potential of webDHIS Foundation v2.38!

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